One of the main problem that reviewers have an issue with is the inability and impossible nature of defending especially the big boys ion the soccer industry. To dispossess a player like Cristiano Ronaldo in pro evolution soccer game 2020 is almost a nightmare. This therefore leads to scoring of stupid goals by these big players, which is not fair at all and can be frustrating. It is therefore very important to find the best ways of defending so as to avoid these goals, which are a thorn to the fresh. This article therefore will give you tips of what you ought to do when confronted with this problem.


In case a super powerful player is giving you nightmares in PES cheats 2020, you need to make sure you deal with the situation in the right way. You do this by deep sitting your central defender, which you do using the RT key and subsequently sending other two defenders to confront the player suing the team pressure, which is done by the X button. However, make sure that you do not lose your defensive shape because the powerful player may pass the ball to another person whom you will have created space for.

Do not chase too much

Most common mistake that people around the world playing PES 2020 do is by being carried away with the presence of a powerful player thus forgetting the others. Don’t chase the player too much, only do so when it is necessary, chasing around the player too much create spaces for other players whom they can be played passes to making it very dangerous for you. In case you are chasing and you see that the player will pass you, time the player and once you are in the right position slide tackle but make sure you have timed correctly. In case you mistime, your opponent will be given a free kick, which could be very dangerous. In addition, sliding tackles can lead to your players being sent off with a red card.

So you need be careful while defending, defend wise.